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Social Media Addiction - Is There Such A Thing?

This fall a documentary called "The Social Dilemma" began airing on Netflix. In it former employees of large technology companies are interviewed and tell about how their work initially appeared to be helpful for society but later, because of its impact, led them to resign from their positions. Visit Here. Actors who are portraying a family in this show, have different ways of interacting with social media. A teenage son, who is constantly online is challenged to not touch his phone for a week and, if successful, would receive a new screen to replace the one that is broken. Unfortunately, the notifications and ways that the social media had manipulated him to form an important part of the teen's life, prevent him from lasting more than a couple of days. The Social Dilemma points out the fact that the word "user" is one that describes not only a person on social media but also a person who is involved with substance abuse. This week, Prince Harry's wife, Meg
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Self-Awareness: Is It Harder For Someone To Be Self-Aware If They Are Carrying A Lot Of Pain?

When someone has developed a good level of self-awareness, they will be able to know what is happening inside them. This means that they will have the ability to connect their thoughts, feelings and needs. Visit Here. Thanks to this, it will be very easy for them to behave in a way that will serve them. Being that way is also likely to have a positive impact on their relationships, as they will be able to take responsibility for how they feel. For Example If they were to experience anger, they could take a step back and reflect on why this is so. Being able to separate and keep a close eye on what is going on prevents them from reacting to how they feel. They may feel that something within them has been triggered or that someone else has crossed their line. If they need to work on something, they will be able to, and if they need to speak, they will be able to do it. An Adult Another way of looking at it would be that they would be able to act in a mature way. If their life is not how

The Biggest Benefits of Reading Self-Improvement/Self-Help Books

Undoubtedly, the finest way towards personal growth is to read books. In the modern world, the impact of quality self-improvement/ Self-help books is unfathomable. In an era when excluding a selective few, everyone else is suffering from the ill-effects of stress-related complications, the self-improvement books could act as life-saving drugs. These books would help us see things in a different perspective. The dark shades of life would suddenly appear grey and when probed further begin to reveal colours hidden in them. Visit Here. Mostly, the solutions of our problems lay hidden within us or in our surroundings. The self-improvement/ Self-help books point towards the right direction and help us find the solutions. Here are the reasons why you should develop the habit of reading the books for self-improvement? 1. Motivation:  In real-life, self-motivation is not always possible. However, nowadays, you need to continuously push yourself to perform better whether you are a student or a p

Here Are The Advantages of Reading Motivational Quotes

One of the greatest motivational speaker Tony Robbins once said, “In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.” Just as harsh as it sounds, the truth is that we all are desperate in our lives. Desperate to become happy. Desperate to be at peace. Desperate to succeed.Visit Here. And has this desperation taken us anywhere good? Don’t think so! Stress, anxiety, depression are common to us. So, if a few words can motivate you to find relief, the question is why not? If a few words can boost your morale, the question is why not? Motivational quotes have an important role to play in our lives. If you are still not convinced about the power of motivational quotes, here are a few advantages that will convince you otherwise. Motivational Quotes Simplify Complex Ideas “Sometimes you have to give yourself pep talks” No offence to anyone, but hours of lecture on motivation can be boring. Compiling the ideas together into a book that features self-improvement quotes has a greater appeal. On

The Importance of Making Appointments and Keeping Them – 6 Power Quotes

You may not mind if you spend the whole day at the office entertaining people dropping in when they feel like. These may be customers, suppliers, friends and colleagues. You might not have a choice because your day is not structured. What about at home, when you want to spend quality time with family, loved ones or a loved one? It can be quite disrupting because if you are a busy person like me who relishes even the time to have nothing on my schedule except rest to not have some sort of order in life that determines who sees you and who you see. Appointments are important and they have many benefits. I share some useful nuggets in this article.Visit Here. 1. Some people do not have time for order and they may not even possess a diary to record all their commitments, so they yes to everything and everyone only to disappoint most if not all of those people because of lack of order. 2. It is important to make appointments because it saves time and money in the process. You would have set

3 Inspirational Quotes That Encourage You to Be Yourself

“Just be yourself!” These were the rather stern words of this intimidatingly beautiful woman I was dating several years ago. And her ire was very much aimed squarely – at – me! Ouch! So in this article about being yourself I’m going to explore just what being yourself actually means, and why anyone would spend any time NOT being themselves.Visit Here. And to help me, I’ve enlisted the services of 3 inspirational quotes. So anyway, back to the date that wasn’t going well… This woman’s words puzzled me. I could tell she was irritated by me not being myself – call it male intuition, or the fact that she was growling whilst she spoke – but I also knew that I’ve spent my whole life doing just that: BEING MYSELF. So that’s why I was puzzled, and even a little bit frustrated. Because I knew I specialised in being myself. For example: * I wore the clothes that I wanted to wear * I had my own thoughts, and not someone else’s * I did not conform, did not surrender myself to the often dreary ‘rul

Inspiring Quotes for Success Work

Because you are searching for subjects like this one, shows me you are a person who is seeking to become the very best you can be. Obviously you are not content with the status quo, you want more out of life and expect more of yourself to accomplish that. I wrote this article to show you just how easy it is to get started on the path of self improvement through personal development.Visit Here. In my own life I discovered that committing to a daily regime of personal development, like reading motivational books and success courses every day, or even simply taking 3 minutes to read simple inspiring quotes for success daily was not just important to the attainment of my goals, but with out it I could not have made it to where I have. You see just like taking a shower in the morning or bathing, staying motivated is not permanent. You must commit to performing it constantly. If you never stick with personal development you will fail and before long you’ll be right back where you started fro